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Now blogging at Just Jessie!

Hi all, Thanks so much for following along with me at The Healthy Spread for the past couple of years. I’ve moved on to my new site at Just Jessie – feel free to come and visit me there. 🙂

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Hypothyroidism = Gluten-free?

Hi all! I apologize that it’s been awhile. I’m in the midst of changing my blog over to a new platform/name/brand/etc. (yay!) so I’ve been trying to back off of this one until I have that all figured out. I’ll … Continue reading

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My “Me Day”

Time for my first link up for Treat Yourself Tuesday!   Today was a special day for me. I took a half day off of work to celebrate myself. It sounds kind of weird, but basically one year ago to … Continue reading

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Busy Month and Jedi Mind Tricks

I know, I know. It’s been awhile AGAIN. I keep telling myself I’ll blog more when I think of a new blog name, but I can’t think of a name! Excuses, excuses. Anyways, the past couple of weeks have been … Continue reading

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A weekend up north

This past weekend I went up to my hometown for some much needed “away from Milwaukee” time and to get my car fixed. It’s beautiful up there – I miss watching the trees changes. I don’t miss what comes AFTER … Continue reading

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Liebster Award Fun

You know I love me a good questionnaire. Well, Anna @  A Dash of Quirky was nice enough to tag anyone in the Liebster Awards on her blog (an award for upcoming bloggers)  so… I’m doin’ it. 😉   **Here are some … Continue reading

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A beautiful view

Whew, I’m exhausted! I helped run my first photo shoot for work today and I could fall asleep now (mind you, it’s not even 8 p.m. yet). Lucky for me, the scenery was beautiful up at the shoot location today. … Continue reading

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