My Weight-Loss Journey

I currently am looking to lose at least 10 more pounds to be at my “goal weight” (I’ve lost about 30 so far). The extra weight started packing on in college from unhealthy eating and living habits. I then transitioned to job searching (which is STRESSFUL!) for six months until I found my first job in a different (and bigger) city.

Me at my heaviest weight – trust me, I’m hiding it well. You can truly see it in my face. I have barely any photos of me at this weight because I refused to be in any photos.

340065_596238466761_182221284_o - Version 22011

After still not feeling right and continuing to gain weight for months, I went to the doctor only to find out I have hypothyroidism which partially explained the weight gain and also explained a LOT of other symptoms that I had been feeling for the past couple of years. Once the diagnosis was made, I was put on a medication to help regulate my thyroid. While the pill will help me from gaining more weight, it does not help me lose the weight that I already put on so I’m currently trying to figure that all out!

I grew up not eating the healthiest but I was always very active in cheerleading, dance team, volleyball and other activities so I never had much of a problem with weight. Now, with a 8:30-5 job as well as a weekend job, outside stresses, students loans and other issues – excuses are flowing! I hope to put all of my (over-used) excuses to the side and step up to the (healthy) plate to start living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

As I said before, I’m about 10 lbs. away from my original “goal weight”, though I could stand to lose a little bit past that. I’m now looking to tone up instead of just lose the weight which means MORE WEIGHTS!

IMG_2139 - Version 2July 2013

photo (26) photo (25)August 2013

I’m by no means a personal trainer  or nutritional expert. I currently try to follow the Tone It Up girls as much as possible.


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