About Jessie

My name is Jessie (not Jessica) and I am currently living in Milwaukee!

I went to school for communications and spent way too much time going to dances and having fun with my social group. I wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

… and apparently makes way too many duck faces …

Here’s some normal ones 🙂




I’m a single lady in my mid-twenties (eew) living in a great new (to me) city.  I’m short, blonde(ish) and trying to figure out what to do with my life. Some of my passions include cooking, going to new restaurants, having a good drink with friends, writing and social media. By day, I work in account service at a local integrated marketing agency and every other weekend as an apartment leasing agent. BUSY.

At night you’ll find me planning my life around trashy television and forcing myself to workout if I didn’t do it in the morning. As for health and fitness, I try to follow the Tone It Up plan and I love all of the support the community gives.

I’m also a huge animal-lover and struggle with my desire to be a vegetarian though I haven’t been working toward that yet. One thing at a time …

Random photo time!

This seriously makes me crack up every time I see it

Source: http://dogs.icanhascheezburger.com/

My new crazy cat, Oliver (or shithead when he's ruining my stuff)

My new crazy cat, Oliver (or shithead when he’s ruining my stuff)

Ok, back to it. Another pretty big part of my personality is that I’m a H-U-G-E Packer fan. I plan on meeting either Clay Matthews or Aaron Rodger (or both) and winning their hearts with my fantastic humor. Heh.

I mean, how could they resist this?!

I was raised a Packer fan and will always be one. I’ve been to multiple games at Lambeau and nothing can compare to it! But, don’t worry – I’m not a jerk fan. I’m very humble and respect all fans out there – but I just think we’re better than you ;o) Kidding … (not)

While I’m Wisconsin-bred, I’ve always felt like I belonged somewhere warmer (then again, who doesn’t feel that way when it’s -10 with a windchill?). You’ll find that I’m not a stereotypical Wisconsin girl (besides the devotion to the Packers and the fast-speaking Wisconsin accent) in that I don’t like much cheese, don’t drink beer and rarely eat brats.

Milwaukee also disowns me because I’m not a huge Brewers fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go to the games for the margaritas and tailgating but don’t expect me to have any clue what’s going on during the game. Probably because I drank 3 margaritas.

Brewer's margaritas


I love Wisconsin for it’s seasons (minus winter which feels like 75% of the year) and it’s awesome people, but my dream is to move west to California sometime in my lifetime. Maybe soon? We’ll see what life brings me.

2009 California trip that captured my heart ❤

Writing is a wonderful way to express myself and a way to remember all the great (and, lets be real – sometimes not so great) moments that are happening in my life. I have started this blog to tell my story about my journey to a healthy lifestyle (that I’m currently right in the middle of!) and my new life in Milwaukee!

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to contact me at thehealthyspread@gmail.com.


One Response to About Jessie

  1. saltedplates says:

    Excited to see you are an animal lover as well! Looking forward to rooming together. Thanks for following my blog ~Casey

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