A letter

Holy moly, this past weekend was insane! The Healthy Living Summit was a success and I’m excited to see that it’ll be in Madison in 2014! Even closer to me 🙂

But for today, I’ll be participating in Blogtember (write a public love letter to someone in your life)  and writing a letter to my real friends.

I emphasize the word “real” because I unfortunately had to go through a huge journey this year of finding out who they are. I lost a lot of “friends” when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up last. Specifically the friends that were plotting things behind my back while we were still together.

But I digress – this letter is to the good friends, not the ones I left behind.

Some of my friends have been around for what seems like forever. There are 20+ year friendships, some friendships from college and a couple of friendships that are just barely a year old.

To all of my lovely friends: 

Thank you to the women (and few men) who stood by me all throughout my life, but especially to the ones who helped me become who I really am in the past year.

Some examples of these wonderful friends are …

  • A specific friend who sat with me after work for hours while I struggled with my relationship decisions and through countless lunches of me babbling on about being lonely.
  • Friends who told me the truth about how I needed to regain my independence.
  • A friend who traveled from the other side of the country to spend the weekend with me.
  • A friend who sent me fun presents for my new apartment when I was feeling nervous about living on my own.
  • The friends who helped me through a rough patch in my career and continue to push me to reach for my dreams – even if they seem unattainable to me sometimes.
  • All of the new friends who I met through the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend!

I’m lucky to have the people in my life that are here now. I’ve learned that quality is ALWAYS more important than quantity and that the friends that don’t put you as a priority, don’t deserve to be a priority in your life. I appreciate you all and I’m here for you always like you have been for me!


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