Selfie Friday

While I’m frolicking in Minneapolis at my first blogging conference, take a look at my Blogtember post of the day – A self portrait (or selfies, as I lovely call them).

I’ve become a bit of a “professional” in the selfies department. 😉 Just kidding! Not. I’ll give you three self portraits that I think show my personality.

Packer fan, yet feminine. See glitter phone case and maxi skirt. 🙂

photo (26)

Caffeine Addict (soda and mochas – baddddd)

photo (25)

Just me, takin’ selfies. 


But enough about me, what about you? Do you like self portraits? I would normally say I hate them, but I’ve regained a lot of confidence in the past year that I had lost for a long, long time so it’s fun to not mind being in pictures anymore!

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One Response to Selfie Friday

  1. I use selfies in Snapchat, but other than that, I don’t usually submit other people to them, unless I’m alone and need a picture to tell a blog post story.

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