Blogging and Social Media Addict

I’m a social media addict (and becoming a blogging addict thanks to this challenge!) – I won’t deny it.

For Day 8 of Blogtember, I’ll be discussing ways that blogging or social media has changed you.



  • Being too connected to my phone and laptop – I have a hard time putting them down
  • #using #too #many #hashtags
  • My Foursquare addiction – I check in EVERYWHERE

There’s probably more in each category, but that’ll suffice for now. I love writing and connecting with people, so social media helps me do that quickly and efficiently. I’ve made new friends, found new jobs, been given fun opportunities and continued to grow in my marketing career because of social media. I just need to learn when to stop scrolling through Instagram photos and go to sleep. 😉

Has social media or blogging changed you at all?

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