#HLS13 Keynote Speaker Live Blog

I’m live blogging the keynote speaker at the Healthy Living Summit, woohoo! Are you ready to learn some awesome stuff? I sure am!

I’ll be tweeting at the whole event (we all know I’m a twitter-addict …), but I will be the live tweeting the Blogs in Transition: Embracing Your Blog session at 9:15 a.m. CST on September 14. I’ve copied in the description below from the Healthy Living Summit’s website.

  • Though we are all in different seasons of our own blogging journeys, you’ve probably felt the difficult yet exciting challenges blog growth of any sort can add to your plate.  How do you deal with the changes you face as your blog changes without starting to resent your blog and throwing in the towel?  This panel, led by Alicia of The Wannabe Foodie, will discuss how to deal with the stress of everything happening at once, reallocating free time to work on projects, and the choices you can make to fall back in love with your blog. The panel will also offer simple ways to give your blog and brand some TLC and re-engage your readers and followers. Panel also includes Marissa of Where I Need to Be, Katie of Running 4 Cupcakes, and Nicole of Apples and Arteries.

Then around 1 p.m., I’ll be live blogging the Wild Harvest Keynote Address! See the description below.

  • This year’s keynote address—brought to you by the wild harvest® brand of organic and natural foods—will be delivered by award-winning chef and restaurateur Brenda Langton. Langton is a pioneer in the organic, fresh and local food movements. Widely known for her trend-setting restaurants Café Kardemena, Café Brenda and her latest, award-winning establishment Spoonriver, Langton has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to healthful eating and serving innovative local, organic and vegetarian cuisine. In 2006, the same year she opened Spoonriver, she founded theMill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis, just outside the restaurant’s front door. As a senior fellow at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing, Langton shares her knowledge by teaching courses on healthful eating.

Check back here on Saturday for live fun facts – I’ll be updating this post throughout the session!


We’re ready for an interesting session with Brenda Langton! See below for a few of my favorite take-aways.

– Brenda’s vision of what we should do with diet: “Prevention is better than cure” – a quote from the 1500s
– Brenda started at a cooperative and would work there every day. She would do everything from cooking in the back, shopping, counting the money, etc. She worked here until she was 21-years-old
– The Twin Cities have more co-ops than any other city in the country!
– Spent $7.40/day in Europe!
– After the co-op, Brenda opened her own restaurant in 1978
– Opened Cafe Brenda in 1986, but wasn’t always sure if they were pricing food correctly
– At Spoonriver, sometimes people think they might be expensive, but they focus on quality, organic products.
– When Brenda saw the beautiful plaza and train shed by the Guthrie Theater, she said “We have to have a market here”. It’s in their 8th year!
– Brenda considers food to be the best insurance policy out there for us
– There are no free rides – take care of yourself!
– 80% of cancers are caused by what we eat, according to studies
– Plants build all of these phytonutrients and we eat them and become stronger
– Dementia is 40% less likely if you get GOOD fats, less refined sugar and more exercise
– It’s very important that we pay attention to the type of meat we eat and cutting out regular consumption of refined sugars
– Crazy diets are difficult – we don’t want to swing back and forth
– Eating more in the middle of the spectrum is the healthy way to go
– Yin and yang style eating, balancing the extremes by eating the good stuff in the middle
– Extreme diets can sometimes make people a little wacky 😉
– Brenda: “It’s kind of embarrassing, I can eat so much!” –> Ditto!
– Simple cooking can most often be the most satisfying, so we don’t need to beat ourselves up at home.
– Stomach problems? Need more fermented foods. That good bacteria in our gut allows us to digest our food and not be sick.
– Brenda believes Kombucha and other fermented foods can help our digestion.
– Food = Energy
– We need to go into our kitchens and cook. Whenever Brenda hear’s someone say they don’t cook, she feels sad!
– The average American spends less than a half hour a day preparing all of the meals for the day
– At the bottom of her ticket she says, “Eat your vegetables, dammit!”
– There’s nothing more important than sitting down with your friends or family and having dinner.
– Brenda’s daughter found cooking as a way to de-stress.
– How do we make cookings so stressful? Stock your refrigerator and cupboards. Have a plan once a week and make sure your regular staples are around.
– Another favorite quote of Brenda’s: “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness” (from the 1800s)
– We need to think about how and where our food comes from. If you eat healthy, you are eating sustainably.
– Eat/cooking at home is a cost-savings. It’s not cheap!
– Wild Harvest offers an affordable line of food! Good foods should be for everyone.
– Good food should not be for some, good food should be for everyone.
– Use a pre-roasted chicken and use it throughout the week on salads, pastas, burritos, etc.
– Recommend throwing in flax for smoothies (also helps you lose weight!)
– Think about making a meal that does NOT revolve around meat!
– If you’re making noodles, use a lot of veggies and a protein with less pasta. (Brenda recommends soba noodles)

Healthy Snacks:
– Edamame snaps
– Popcorn
– Pre-cut celery, carrots
– Rice cakes
– Once a week, make a pot of grains
– Canned beans

Some last tips from Brenda … 
– Mellow yoga classes are very good and sufficient
– Sing a song every day – it’s very healing!
– Remember forgivness

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