Words of Wisdom (via gifs)

Day 3 of Blogtember! 


Quite possibly my most favorite gif yet ^ – LOVE Loki.

Today’s Blogtember post is all about advice. Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

It’s really hard to just pick one piece of useful advice – not because I’m a fountain of information, but because I feel like people are CONSTANTLY giving me advice or “words of wisdom”. Almost entirely about being young and being single.

1. “Move to California if you love it so much! You’ve got nothing to lose!”


2. “One day you’ll find ‘the one’ and it’ll all make sense”


3. “Money isn’t everything. One day you won’t worry about it as much”


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make fun of the advice above, there’s just been a ton of it lately. But there’s one statement that’s really stuck with me that a friend of mine made a couple of months ago. She told me, “You need to make sure someone cherishes you.”

At first I was like …


And then I really thought about what she meant. You see, I tend to be the girl that “settles” for what I think I deserve, not what I ACTUALLY deserve. I’ve had the mean boyfriend, the “ok” boyfriend and the flaky friends. I put 110% of myself into my relationships and I have never had a boyfriend give the same amount back. I’ve never had someone do something just to make me happy. I stayed with guys that were “perfect for me” based on what I thought I wanted, even though they were selfish, selfish, selfish. (Not saying every guy I dated was crap, just saying they didn’t make me happy.)


I believe in love and happiness and all that sappy-sap-sap stuff. And I want that. And now I refuse to settle for anyone that doesn’t cherish me. I don’t think anyone should settle for anything less than that.

So that’s my advice for tonight! Find a significant other that cherishes you. Heck, your friends should cherish you as well. Enough with the flaky friendships and one-sided relationships, people!

I also advise that you use gifs ALL. THE. TIME. That’s probably better advice than the cherishing part. 😉


What is some of the best advice you’ve ever received or maybe something you tell yourself when you’re having a bad day?

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3 Responses to Words of Wisdom (via gifs)

  1. Your advice is so perfect! Everyone deserves to be cherished, but so many people settle for less.

    I don’t think I have any epic advice to share. I dunno why, but nobody’s giving me any advice! Or maybe I’m just not listening? I suppose I should keep my ears open and see if perhaps I’m just missing things.

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