Where have I been?

I don’t have an excuse so I’m just going to say I’m sorry for not blogging the past month.

Anyways, now that THAT’S over …

Where in the heck have I been this month?

Ha, no where. Let’s be real, I’m poor. I’ve been stuck in Milwaukee. BUT here’s some fun things I’ve done to get ‘cha up to speed.

So, here’s 10 things that have kept me busy since the end of May.

1) I went to a bar with some friends for happy hour one night and saw a guy with a parrot. He just walked in and acted like it was normal to have a PARROT SITTING ON HIS SHOULDER IN PUBLIC. (<— based on my use of caps lock, it obviously wasn’t normal to me.)

Parrot Guy

2) I quickly walked through a kite festival with my friend Gina by my apartment.

MKE Kite Festival 2013

3) I went to a wedding shower and saw a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen in way too long. It was Alice in Wonderland themed. So fun!

Nichole's Shower

4) Lotsa walks. Oh, and one weekend I was so bored that I walked to my gym (3 miles round trip) BOTH DAYS and then took classes while there.

Walk 1

Walk 1

Walk 2

Walk 2

Gym Day!

Gym Day!

5) Watched my best friend of 21 years follow her dreams and move to South Carolina. Selfishly, I cried like a baby that day after she left because I’ll miss her, but I’m SO PROUD of her. I hope to be as brave as her one day (though I’d be going to the other coast…)

Michelle & I

6) Took selfies. Because duh.


7) Ate peas for lunch one day. You probably don’t care about that, but I do. I’m THAT bad at grocery shopping.


Peas. It’s what’s for lunch.

8) Got some cool gifts.


Coasters my sister made!


Wedges (unnecessary present to myself)

9) I haven’t been feeling well this week, so I was home from work Monday and worked from home today. (Oliver apparently didn’t want me to work based on the photo below)

Working Oliver

10) Tonight I walked into the kitchen only to find this awesome mess.


Yep. Apparently the cap wasn’t on my lambic tight enough. Now it smells like fruity puke (sorry for that, but it’s true) in my kitchen.

And FINALLY because I’m bad at sticking to just 10 things, I signed up to go to the Healthy Living Summit in September and I’m SO. EXCITED. 🙂 You should sign up, too.


Q1: How has your month been?
Q2: Do you know anyone good at designing WordPress blogs? Mine is blah and I need some help because I’m horrible. Anyone?

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