UnBARREably Excited

I know. That title is so stupid.


I was just reading A Foodie Stays Fit‘s blog post about Pure Barre and took to Twitter to whine about the fact that we don’t have Pure Barre in Milwaukee. Low and behold, a Twitter friend said that she’s taking a barre class in the neighborhood I work in. SEE?! Whining on Twitter works! 😉

I’m going to go into work tomorrow and straighten out my schedule but then I plan on signing up for a class. Maybe I’ll hate it, who knows. But maybe I’ll love it and this will be *the thing* that I’m looking for when it comes to strength-type workouts.

Anyways, off of my barre-extravaganza. Today started out kind of early with a Tone It Up Booty Call (not what it looks like – read about it here, haha) of a 30-minute walk/run near my apartment. It’s been too beautiful not to get outside these days. I bribed myself with Starbucks when my body wasn’t interested in getting out of bed this morning. P.S. at $5 a pop, I need to find a cheaper bribe. Insert “Grande Skinny Mocha with Soy” yummness.




Also, interesting spelling of my name. I actually kinda like it 😉

Then, off to work for the day. I had one of those days where I think I had a bit too much caffeine. For instance, one of my co-workers came to talk to me and I started giggling hysterically, turned red and put my head in my hands saying “I’m so mad!” That’s a pretty weird way to act mad, I think 🙂 At least I wasn’t crabby!

I also had a “fan girl” moment today when Karena/Katrina liked my Instagram photo. They’re just such awesome people! (My instagram is JessieDeschane <– I’m not very creative with my social media names.)


Somehow also convinced myself to buy the Perfect Fit app. I need to not have my card connected to my iTunes!


After work I did the TIU Surfer’s Paradise workout (2x through). Whew! I had to stop a couple of times because I’m out of shape it was hard!!

Meals for the day 

M1: Smoothie – Frozen strawberries and mango, 1/2 TBSP peanut butter, almond milk (unsweetened), spinach and 1/2 packet of Perfect Fit protein powder. Looks gross, but it was good.

M2: Starbucks iced mocha (picture above)
M3: Stuffed bell pepper (black beans, garlic, mexican-flavored diced tomatoes) and a mountain dew (BAD, yes I know)
M4: Kid’s clif bar
M5: One roma tomato, whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce

Now, off to play around online for a little bit longer then off to bed so my 6:15 a.m. alarm isn’t as difficult tomorrow!

… and HI AMY!!
(I miss my east coast best friend)

Any other Tone It Up members try a barre class? I’m excited/nervous!

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