Sunday Hunk Day

That’s probably the cheesiest title ever.


I just finished watching “This Means War”. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy? Yes, please!

this means warI would totally love to be in Reese Witherspoon’s position. Just sayin’.

Now I’m moving on to “Leap Year” – a Sunday night full of chick flicks. One of my favorite ways to spend a night – actors with accents!

Leap Year

Leap Year

Anyways, this weekend started out with a late night on Friday and then going to dinner/drinks with my friend Gina. So much for my yeast-free diet, but I was having a really hard time sticking to it exactly.

Yesterday I went and saw Les Miserables which was AWESOME. I didn’t have any background about it going in so I may have had a different view about the movie, but I liked it.

Today, I worked out for awhile and then went to Old Navy. All of the workout clothes I wanted were in clearance so that was nice!

Pretty good workout!

Pretty good workout!

Discount workout stuff from Old Navy!

Discount workout stuff from Old Navy!

Here are some WANTS but I couldn’t afford them … 😦

photo_1 photo_2

I seriously want one of every color.

Now I’ve got some work to finish before tomorrow morning. Why do weekends always move by so fast!!

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