Meet Oliver

Well, this weekend was interesting!

Saturday started out innocent enough. I picked up my sister and we ran some errands. Somehow we got to the humane society though … and… well ….

Meet Oliver!

Meet Oliver!



Didn’t plan that one! Luckily so far he’s a good little guy … well, minus the fact that he doesn’t let me sleep!

My sister stayed with Oliver while I went out with some friends for an early birthday celebration. We started with dinner and a little singing. I literally blushed almost as pink as my dress. Half the restaurant starting singing to me! (It helps that our waiter was also very attractive – insert ridiculous blushing… ha!)




Gina & Andrew

Gina & Andrew

Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos that night and the ones taken of me will NOT be on the blog. College friends + vodka = insert crazy Jessie. It was a great night, though!

Tomorrow is my ACTUAL birthday – officially a quarter century! This is going to be a great year 🙂

And lastly – random side note from Clay Matthews. It’s not necessary… but I love him so I’ve just gotta put it in here somewhere!

Clay Matthews

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One Response to Meet Oliver

  1. oh my goodness! My husband and I went to a shelter this past weekend and almost walked away with a puppy. So hard to turn down those faces!

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