Exciting/Heartbreaking Weekend

Hi. 🙂

First off, you’re welcome.


T-17 days until I’m officially in my “mid-twenties”. My quarter-life crisis should be rolling around any time now.

Saturday started late since I slept in until 10, but I got ready and went to an eye doctor appointment, bought myself lunch (and flowers) …



… and then hung out at my apartment until my friend Gina suggested we get a drink downtown before the Packer game. No complaints from me!

After some girl chat with Gina (which was basically me unloading my stressful week onto her – I’m a great friend), I headed out to Waukesha to watch the Packer game. My heart is still mending. I don’t wanna talk about it. Let’s just say I pouted like a five-year-old for probably a full hour after the game.

Also, I’m surprised I didn’t cry at the end of the game because it sounds like my love, DD, won’t be around next year. I selfishly hope he retires because I can’t bear to see him playing on any other team. Such a class act!



After I finished pouting the game, I cheered up after watching The Avengers. SUCH a good movie. It helps that the movie chalked full of beautiful men great actors.

Today my mom and cousin Debby came to visit. We started the afternoon off with a trip to Buca Di Beppo. I lovvvvvve their Spicy Chicken Rigatoni.



After lunch, we headed to Old Navy where I bought myself a $7 pink dress that I love and two skinny belts for $7. Sweet! My mom bought me a polka dot dress and a jean jacket outfit that I copied from a mannequin.

Old Navy Pink Dress

Old Navy Jean JacketOld Navy Polka Dot Dress

I was tempted to buy some of their awesome looking workout clothes (mostly because I’ve seen a ton of other bloggers talking about the stuff lately) but I decided I’m not allowed to buy cute workout clothes until I start going to the gym on a regular basis. No use buying the clothes if they’re just going to sit in my dresser!

After Old Navy, it was time for Target to get some stuff that I still needed for my apartment. I got a clock, cloth boxes for random junk, a full-length mirror, a shower-stuff-holder (that’s the technical term… ha) and a few other randoms.

Target Clock

Isn’t this clock cool?!

After Target, off to Trader Joes for some food and then back to my apartment. After my mom and Debby left, I hung up some things around the apartment and I think it’s looking really well put together. I want to get a small love seat soon to replace this awful futon and maybe a few other storage units (like a little table or something). Oh, and a cat. I want to be the single cat lady SO BAD. Ha, just kidding (sort of).

I apologize for the horrible quality photo!

I apologize for the horrible quality photo!

This week is going to be crazy with work and plans. I have plans almost every single night this week after work, but it should make it go by quickly. I also am truly starting tracking weight watchers points again tomorrow with my coworker, and hopefully starting to work out too. Oh, and trying to cut out soda again. That should be fun. 😉

What plans are you looking forward to this week?

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2 Responses to Exciting/Heartbreaking Weekend

  1. Those clothes are so cute!!! And I love that clock!

    Good luck with weight watchers! It works so well when I can be bothered to follow properly!

  2. Jessie says:

    Thank you!! 🙂 The clock was a steal at Target – only $15.

    And yes, WW works really well when I follow it, too. I did horribly last week and this week was a *little* better, but not enough! I’m getting there, though 🙂

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