Too much shopping, not enough money (plus Question #2!)

I’ve done a little bit of shopping today. I hate spending money (ESPECIALLY on myself) but I was getting a little low on a few items (AKA underwear and a bra – not pictured because that’s just weird). Below are some of my new treasures 🙂

The first two things are recommendations from Allison at PinkLouLou – well, the makeup is a recommendation and she also recommended I try the clarisonic but I’m currently too poor for that so I improvised with an Olay product for now 🙂

photo (47)

Olay ProX

Olay ProX

The next few items are from Old Navy – I’m loving sweater dresses!

photo (43)

Sweater Dress #1 – $15!

Sweater dress #2 - $8

Sweater dress #2 – $8

Cute long-sleeved dress

Cute long-sleeved dress

I also got some tights to go along with my dresses!

Then, onto lunch with my sister. We went to Red Robin and I was “good” with a salad since I ate like crap yesterday (Mexican food = 100 lbs. of chips and salsa!).

Salad at Red Robin

Salad at Red Robin

The rest of the day I’ve been poking around on the internet and waiting until 7 p.m. to go to my friend’s apartment for a girl’s night! I really don’t have any interest in drinking, but it’s always hard not to when everyone else at the girl’s night is!

Now, onto the Question #2 from the 30 Things blog questions I’m doing!

Question #2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

This is going to be interesting because I’m one of “those” people that’s afraid of everything. No, seriously. I’m a wimp. I’m afraid of death, spiders, bees (seriously, HATE BEES), scary movies, guns, really big animals….  There’s probably more things I’m NOT afraid of! I stuck with the top three “biggies” though – the ones that inhibit me from doing things sometimes.

  1. Heights – I’m not sure how this became a fear of mine but I’m one of those people that gets queasy when I get up high. Maybe because I’m so short? ha, probably not. But this fear causes many other fears including roller coasters, being picked up, flying, etc.
  2. Flying – I know I said that was associated with heights, but this is a LEGIT fear. So much so that I have to be prescribed an anti-anxiety pill when I fly and I tend to not eat, get sick and cry before every single flight. I think this was brought on because I never flew until I was 21, so I had 21 years to freak out about every little thing. I think it’s a control issue, too. To be honest, I like to control things around me (like driving a car) because then I feel in control. In an airplane, it could go down at any moment and I would have no way to protect myself. I understand it’s an irrational fear, but I can’t help it. Also, PRO TIP for all of you people out there that do like flying … PLEASE stop telling people that are afraid of flying EVERY SINGLE bad experience you’ve ever had! I swear, whenever I tell someone I’m afraid the first thing they do is say “Oh, you have no reason to be afraid. This one time I was on a plane that almost crashed but …” I mean, seriously? STOP IT!
  3. Darkness – Yep, I’m 24 and sleep with a night light. Am I embarrassed?  Nope, not anymore! I have always been afraid of the dark. My eyes “play tricks” on me constantly and I tend to get myself really worked up. As long as there is SOME sort of light, I’m usually ok but pitch darkness is not fun for me. I’m going to blame part of this on working in the darkness in the woods for many years up north for a haunted hayride (my cousins thought it was fun to chase me with chain saws…)

Told you I’m a fraidy cat!

Random note – here’s a “funny” about me that I decided to tell all of facebook-land today!

Time to eat soon and then off to hang out with some girls for the night. Should be fun!

Question for you: What are you afraid of?

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One Response to Too much shopping, not enough money (plus Question #2!)

  1. Suzanne Deschane says:

    I was afraid you were going to explain why you are afraid of escalators!

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