Halfway through October

These last couple days have been intense! Work has been busy and my diet hasn’t been going well. If I haven’t gained weight when I weigh in tomorrow, it’ll be a huge surprise. I’m pretty disappointed, but I guess I just need to try to do better this next week!

Friday night after work I went to dinner with some friends and then called it a night pretty early. Saturday morning I met up with my friend Gina to drive to De Pere for homecoming. It was POURING the entire ride up but luckily it went quickly.

Driving up north

Driving up to De Pere

Once up there, we started hanging out with the girls in my social group (if you don’t know what that is – they’re unique to St. Norbert … it’s a lot like a sorority, but obviously not greek). We spent the day watching the girls get ready for their competition later that night, going to lunch, and drinking. That was my first mistake – Alcohol = not good for weight loss!

Unfortunately, the girls didn’t place in homecoming this year, but it was still a fun night!

Homecoming 2012

Homecoming 2012 – Recess

Gina, Brittney and I

Gina, Brittney and I

After the homecoming festivities, I wasn’t feeling well so Gina and I took it easy for a little bit and then went to get taco bell (another thing that is NOT good for weight loss – stupid Jessie). After some food in our bellies, we headed back to campus to go to a few house parties and visit with alumni and actives.

Later that night, we went to the De Pere bars near campus and saw a few more friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.


Kevin – probably one of my most favorite people ever

I stopped drinking earlier in the night, but we still stayed out until almost bar close. We then took a friend home (with a sober driver, of course!) and ended up heading to bed around 3 a.m. I’ve always had trouble sleeping when I’m not in my own bed so I didn’t fall asleep at all. Around 5:30, Gina suggested we just head back to MKE early so we could get home and go to bed.

Once home, I ate two McDonalds hash browns (anti-diet) and fell asleep for about two hours. The rest of the day I’ve been cleaning, pinning and messing around on my computer. I took a quick break to pick up some Chipotle for lunch and a soda (soda = bad) and I’ve been sitting around ever since!

I’m going to be making Taco Soup again tonight and forcing myself to workout a few times this week. I need to get back on track instead of finding excuses to keep gaining weight and being unhealthy. It’s not fun. Plus, my stomach has been super sensitive lately and the crap I’m eating probably isn’t helping.

This week is a bunch of work, sleep, working out and NOTHING! This next weekend my sister might visit but that’s about it – I don’t have to be anywhere else (as of right now, at least – haha!). The two weekends after that are my final weddings of the year but they should both be really fun!

Tell me: How was your weekend??

Thanks for reading!

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One Response to Halfway through October

  1. Sara says:

    Homecoming sounds fun! My weekend was good…a great mix of friends and relaxation. Although I’m with you- ate way too much bad (although yummy) food. Boo. Hoping to get back into a good routine this week!

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