Wedding Weekend Number 3!

Our third weekend of weddings is now over and it was a gorgeous wedding. The bride and the groom are so happy with each other 🙂

Leivur & Brittany's Wedding

Leivur & Brittany’s Wedding

The wedding was outside so it was a bit chilly, but still beautiful

After that, we headed to St. Norbert for the reception. I had the vegetarian option (some sort of artichoke pasta that was really good!) but unfortunately I had quite the migraine so I had to duck out early and go back to the hotel.

Artichoke pasta

Artichoke pasta


Hotel Room

After a long night of HGTV and ibuprofen, we left early on Sunday to get home to watch the Packer game (which I’m still sad about so let’s not talk about it).

Packer game

Packer game

I also made a Taco Skillet from Peanut Butter Fingers – yum!

Taco Skillet

Taco Skillet

And that was my weekend! Today I didn’t wake up for the gym AGAIN… and then went to work all day.

After work I hung out with my sister and we went to Chilis. I got the “healthy option” of a wrap but ate 10 lbs of chips and salsa. 😦 I have to be better though because I gained weight this week and I need to lose, not gain!!

Chili's sub

Chili’s sub

And now I’m off to figure out apartment stuff! We’re trying to get out of our lease and move closer to downtown (and my job).  We’ll see how that goes!

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