Weekends need to be longer

I’m pretty sure I’m preachin’ to the choir with this one, but I wish weekends were longer. I also wish my commute was shorter but that’s a whole other can o’ worms!

This weekend flew by! I left off talking about how I was going to my friend Gera’s bachelorette party with Gina (other bridesmaid) and Andrea (Maid of Honor) on Saturday night. We started off with a taco bar Edelweiss boat tour!

Aerial Edelweiss 2

This is what they look like – we were on the inside though 🙂

So fun! Andrea, Gera and I (Gina wasn’t able to make it to the cruise) loved it! I got a little queasy when we started rocking back and forth but luckily that only happened a couple of times.

Boat Tour

Bad quality photo, yet again…

After the cruise, we headed back to the hotel and met up with Gina. We had some quality girl talk and then headed out to comedy sportz – SO GREAT! I’ll definitely go to this again – I didn’t even know it existed. We saw an improv show and had a great time! The bride was too shy to go up on stage, but luckily the M.O.H. Andrea jumped at the opportunity 🙂


Andrea up on stage

I also took a video but she’d kill me if I put that on the internet 🙂

After the comedy show, we headed off to a quiet wine bar for the rest of the night and then back to the hotel. The four of us are pretty low-key ladies but it was still a great night!

Until I decided to drive home.


Mind you, I was NOT drunk (I had a total of two drinks from 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.) but I wasn’t feeling well so I wanted to sleep in my own bed. Well, I got lost (in a not-so-good-to-be-in-at-night neighborhood, too – thanks GPS), had people scare the crap out of me at a stop light AND got stuck behind a drunk driver (who I called in to the police but I’m sure they didn’t catch them). By the time I got home I was so worked up that I couldn’t sleep! It was a late night …

The next morning, I headed downtown with my boyfriend and he dropped me off at Gold’s Gym. I took a tour, fell in love and FINALLY got a gym membership. Had to sign a two year contract (yuck) but it’s fairly priced and a gorgeous place. I’m excited to start working out there!

Alex and I then took off to my friend Mary’s apartment party (who might even read this – HI MARY!!) which was great! She actually lives right across the street from my old apartment and her place was so cute! I also played with their cat for a little bit – not long enough in my opinion ;o)

THEN off to watch the Packer game at the bf’s dad’s house (and they WON!) and I went to a book club with a friend from work. The book club was SO. MUCH. FUN! I loved hanging out with the girls and they all made me feel super welcome (even though I hadn’t read the book yet). I’m excited for the next couple of meetings 🙂

And now, it’s Monday (well, I guess it’s almost over at least). *cue dramatic sigh*. The next couple of weeks/months/who knows how long are going to be crazy at work. This makes me HATE my commute that much more. By the time I get home it’s super late and I’m starving (luckily Alex made dinner tonight – thank God). I really wish we could move. This apartment is gorgeous but I’m already losing my sanity and it’s not even winter yet …

Anyways, enough whining! This week will be busy at work but (so far) I don’t have any plans after work except trying to workout this week. Saturday we head up to DePere for a wedding and stay until Sunday.

Time to go – time for Taco Soup – YAY!

Random question: Is it easier for you to workout in the morning? If so, how do you do it?? I can never pull myself out of bed before 6 a.m. but I’m going to have to start soon I think …

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  1. Leann says:

    I love the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts.

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