Weekend Ramblings

Not sure I can call this post a “Weekend Ramblings” since it’s technically only halfway through Saturday but, eh – doin’ it.

This week has been a little crazy at work. I felt like I was on top of my stuff but everyone else was really busy so that was just stressful in itself. I also have a lot on my mind about my personal life so that doesn’t help either. Big decisions are hard! End stupid random rant.

So anyways, last night I drove slowly through awful traffic AGAIN to meet up with my friend Amanda at Stir Crazy in Brookfield. Amanda and I used to work with each other at my previous job where we were both admins. I left and went to my current company a little over 5 months ago and she was promoted (YAY!) but we still hang out occasionally. 🙂 She has a gym membership at one of the gyms I’m looking at so we may be able to take classes together soon!

Anyways, at dinner I had a martini (I wasn’t going to drink but my stupid commute made me change my mind) to start out my meal.


Friday night martini

We had a great conversation and I got to see her new iPhone 5 which I love. I can’t wait until the end of November when I can get my own!! Hurry up, October/November.

The rest of my Friday night was boring. Seriously. I came home, took a shower, sat down on my computer and then my boyfriend said he wanted to watch a movie together. Ok. But the movie was a bust for me so about 10 minutes into it, I was over it. I ended up going to bed at 10 and just roaming around on Instagram on my phone until I fell asleep. I’m a party ANIMAL.

Today I’ve done nothing. Literally. Well, that’s a lie – I washed my face, wrote a check, filled out my calendar for October, rearranged the wedding invites on the fridge …


2 down, 4 to go … (yes, they’re in order by date – ha!)

… and the rest of the morning I’ve been reading blogs. Found two new ones I’m really excited to read: The Bargain Blonde and Pink Lou Lou!

Now I need to get up off my couch and do something besides drink orange juice. I have a Bachelorette party tonight for my friend Gera and then tomorrow is insanely busy (11 a.m. Gold’s Gym tour, decide on YMCA or Golds, 12:30 apartment party for a friend, 3 p.m. Packer party, 6 p.m. book club = lots of driving). Should be fun though!

What are you up to this weekend? Is anyone else having an insane amount of weddings to go to??


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