I believe in…

Nothing special about today – went to work and that’s about it. Went to the eye doctor too since I’ve been having troubles with my right eye. Basically the doctor told me my pain could be from multiple things but there wasn’t much I could do but “rest” it. So sitting on my computer / watching the Packer game is “rest”, right? 😉


My most recent sassy tweet… follow me @JessieDeschane!

Anyways, since I don’t have much to talk about, I’m going to be linking up to one of my favorite blogs ever, Living in Yellow below! She did an “I believe in” post a few days ago and I’m a little behind but I figured it’d be fun. Enjoy 🙂


I believe in exercising because it makes you feel better, but I also believe that it’s REALLY hard to get in the habit.

I believe in animals and how happy they make me (particularly golden retrievers and kittens). I believe that a piece of me will feel empty until I can have an animal of my own to love (and for it to love me).


So cute!!

I believe in dressing up and rarely wearing jeans. Part of it is because I hate jeans, but I feel more confident and comfortable when I’m wearing a cute dress or skirt.



I believe in the Packers. Duh.


I started early…

I believe in chocolate. It makes me happy and tastes good. I refuse to believe it makes you fat and/or gives you zits. Nope.

I believe in telling people the truth and I don’t rarely sugar coat the truth (sometimes that gets me in trouble… but hey, whatevs).

I believe in caring about someone/something with all of your heart. When I love, I love completely – no matter how much I get hurt.

I believe in friendship.


Even after many years apart, we’ve still been best friends since preschool!

I believe in sleep. Lots and LOTS of sleep.

I believe in girly, pretty things (yet I consider myself a feminist – probably a contradiction  but I don’t care). I like pink, getting my nails done, sparkles, heels, cute boys, chick flicks, dresses, jewelry, makeup, etc.

I believe in reading (though I prefer books like Harry Potter, Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray …)


Whoops, how did that get in there? ;o)

I believe in California. Not sure that’s something you can believe in, but we’ll pretend because I love it so much.


San Fran

I believe in having a drink once in awhile …



(But maybe not too many drinks so you don’t end up like this …)


“How’d I get down here?”

I believe in birthdays and celebrating every. single. day.


I also believe in wearing a crown and dancing around a Christmas tree on your birthday

I believe in working hard and doing the best you can do with what you have.

I believe in sunscreen because I burn like a mo**** f***** when I don’t wear it. ;o)

I believe in eating spaghettios. (I also believe in not buying them when I’m on a diet so I’m not torturing myself!)

I believe in watching chick flicks when I have the apartment all to myself (which is never).

I believe in crock pots because they are the best invention ever.

I believe in big comfy blankets, scarves and pillows once it gets below 70 degrees because I’m a wimp.

I believe that this post will be 100 pages long if I don’t stop myself now 🙂

So with that, what do you believe in?

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