That last weekend of relaxation (AKA no weddings)

This is my last weekend of “wedding freedom”. Seriously, my next 5 weekends out of 6 are filled with wedding stuff … starting next weekend with a bachelorette party, apartment party and book club!

Back to this weekend – Saturday started out at Chipotle.

Chipotle bowl

Steak Chipotle bowl

Then it was off to Sam’s club to pick up a few bulk items and back to the apartment. I spent the entire afternoon finding new blogs and roaming around on the internet. Later that night we went out for dinner/drinks for a friends birthday.

Today started with sleeping off the alcohol night before and then a quick lunch of my one leftover lasagna roll.

lasagna rolls

Lasagna roll and salad

We were running low on groceries so off to Whole Foods we went. I don’t go there too often because they’re pretty far from my apartment and it’s expensive but I do like their selection!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

We also went to Sentry to get some of the groceries that were too expensive or weren’t available at Whole Foods. I got ingredients for a few menu items this week including:

  • Taco soup
  • Lasagna soup
  • Buffalo chicken and sweet potatoes
  • Chicken tortilla soup

Lots of soups – it’s getting cold!!

Speaking of cold, I decided it’d be a good idea to sit outside and play on my computer. That lasted a total of 10 minutes before I was too cold. If it’s under 70 degrees, I’m freezing.



Now I’m watching Arrested Development shows, eating chocolate, and wishing that time would slow down. Weekends go by too fast!


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