This week’s dinner menu

Sorry I’ve been MIA again – my job has taken a drastic increase so that’s my excuse. But enough excuses – I love blogging!

This is my menu for the week 🙂

Sunday was… Mac ‘N Cheese from Courtney (love her… and the mac n’ cheese)

Mac n cheese

Dinner last night!

Monday (Today): Buca Di Beppo pasta that I found on Pinterest (I, of course, forgot to take a picture but it was AWESOME!)
Tuesday: Taco soup that I also found on Pinterest
Wednesday: Spaghetti squash & marinara
Thursday: Salsa chicken (or just regular chicken) with sweet potato fries
Friday: Black bean soup

This all may change – who knows! But at least I have things written down this week 🙂 Lunches will probably be leftovers from the night before if the BF doesn’t eat them all (though today I splurged and had Rocky Rococco’s pasta and breadsticks – 12 points! Never again…)

Speaking of points, I made it to my first goal weight of 145! I was pretty excited when I found that out this morning. That’s 20 lbs down from my heaviest weight and 10 down since I started weight watchers last month with my friend from work. I told myself when I reached this goal I could buy myself black heels (which I actually desperately need for work – I only have nude ones) however I also now need tennis shoes (since mine are ruined from the color run plus they are over a year old and have no support) and I also need silver shoes for a wedding in November. I know for sure I’ll buy black ones but we’ll see what kind of deals I can find on the others! DSW will be my first stop… 🙂

On another unrelated note, I did the Color Run (well, I walked it) this past Friday with friends from work. So much fun! My only issue is it was after work on a Friday and I didn’t have time to eat anything so that just enhanced my already bad headache and I wound up nursing a migraine into the wee hours of the morning. Oh well – still fun!

Color Run

Color Run 2012

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2 Responses to This week’s dinner menu

  1. Suzanne Deschane says:

    Mom & Dad will be in Town Friday night-are you cooking black bean soup or are we eatting out??
    congrats again on the weight loss and for being in the Color Run!-love, mom

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