{Almost} Photo-Less Post

I need to come up with better titles for these blog posts … but I’m not lying! I literally have one photo and it’s what I had for breakfast. And it was …Another smoothie

Another smoothie – SHOCKER. This time it was frozen strawberries, frozen banana and 1 cup of almond milk. Nothing special but it’s something easy to drink on the way to work.

This morning I had a doctor appointment (and didn’t workout – another shocker) and then had another day of work. Nothing special, nothing new.

Lunch was leftover chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies. I had a few carrots and dip later in the afternoon as a snack so I wasn’t starving by the time I got home.

Then, Alex and I decided to make some frozen fish we picked up at Sentry (a grocery store across the street from our apartment) and it was AWFUL! Seriously, I had three bites and started feeling sick to my stomach already so I just stuck to the baked beans. I still have a few points leftover from the day so I might try to find a snack once my stomach calms itself from the fish. Alex isn’t sick so I’m just assuming it’s my sensitive stomach – not something actually wrong with the fish. Lesson learned, though – Sentry frozen fish tastes like crap.

Not sure what I’m doing for the rest of the evening – Maybe pinning, watching the Olympics and showering. Fun stuff! I really should workout but once I eat I find it almost impossible to get up and work out – is that weird?

Anyways, sorry for the boring post! I don’t have much to talk about tonight but I still wanted to track what I ate (even without photos!).

My sister and mom are coming into town tomorrow and we’ll be going to Sobelmans (a GREAT hamburger place in Milwaukee) for dinner –> I’ve been saving my extra points ALL week for this, haha! I’ll probably still try to eat healthier (maybe get it without the bun?) but we’ll see. I’ve been really good all week so I deserve a yummy hamburger!

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