Pasta salad for breakfast?

Pasta salad for breakfast?

Pasta salad for breakfast?

Yep, that happened. I guess it was semi-healthy since I made it myself (cucumbers, tomatoes, whole wheat rotini and low fat/cal Italian dressing) but kind of a weird breakfast. I literally only have stuff for smoothies and I’m pretty sick of those so I went with something fast I found this morning.

Random thought: what do you do with almost rotten bananas? I hate banana bread or anything like that, so I peel them, cut them up and put them in little plastic bags in the freezer for my smoothies! No wasted bananas here! (Well, except for the one I let go to0 far and it was pretty nasty … whoops.)

Frozen bananas

Frozen bananas

At work today we had a challenge to take the stairs instead of the elevator and I happily obliged. In fact, I hate elevators but I never knew which stairwell we could take so I always took the elevator but today I traveled up the seven flights of stairs twice! I’m sure I’ll keep going with that – unless I’m wearing super crazy heels … then probably not 😉

Stairs on my way down

Stairs on my way down

The rest of my day consisted of work, work and more work but it was mostly fun stuff so that’s ok 🙂 Lunch was in the break room with a couple of co-workers. I had a fabulous (yea, right) frozen dinner again with a side salad and dressing.


I prefer ranch but this is a little bit better for me

Healthy Choice

Love these for convenience but wish I actually made wholesome lunches …

After an AWFUL drive home in stupid traffic, by the time I got home I was starving so I obviously forgot to take a picture of it but I’ll have one tomorrow since I’ll be having leftovers for lunch 😉 I made myself a chicken breast with Frank’s Red Hot, cut up a sweet potato into fries and baked those and steamed broccoli and cauliflower (with more hot sauce…).  I had half of all of that and put the rest in some tupperware for tomorrow so that – YAY, I WON’T HAVE TO EAT A FROZEN DINNER! ha 😉

I had a few points leftover, so I hate some of my funfetti dip (recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny) that I have hanging out in my fridge. It’s only 2.2 points for 1/4 cup (which is actually quite a bit!) so I had that but instead of eating it with animal crackers (which is usually how I pack on the extra calories with this snack) I just ate it straight with a spoon! Just as good, if not better because you only taste the dip!


Day Three of my weight watchers inspired diet is going well but I’ve noticed that I feel hungrier during the day even though I’m eating about the same amount for lunch. I think I’ve been skipping my afternoon snack lately which is causing me to be super hungry/snacky by dinner so I need to buy some almonds or protein bars or something. I’m loving the support from my co-worker – we’re trying to lose about the same amount and the motivation is spectacular.

I’m not blaming my habits on anyone but myself, but it’s hard to lose weight when no one else around you understands. My boyfriend (who I live with) can literally eat millions of pounds of food and sit and play video games non-stop (which he does…) but he won’t gain weight. A lot of my friends are the same way or they eat a lot of crappy food but just small amounts of it. I’m definitely more of a volume eater so I’d rather eat healthier as long as my plate can be full!

Hopefully this is just the push I was looking for!

Tomorrow is a long day of work and then lots of cleaning to do when I get home since Friday night right after work my mom and sister will be here. I didn’t get up this morning to workout since I didn’t sleep very well last night, but I’m going to try to go to bed in the next hour (before 10 – we’ll see if that works!) so that I can force myself up tomorrow morning!

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