What a day…

I tell ya – people complain about Mondays but I think I almost hate Tuesdays more!


Photo: torinelson.wordpress.com

Or maybe it was just a bad day…

I woke up this morning and weighed myself – worst. idea. ever. After realizing I’ve gained back quite a bit of weight the past few weeks, I ran down to the workout room and did Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program. Figured that was smart since I’m running the Color Run in a little over a month and I can barely run a quarter-mile… Good thing that run isn’t necessarily strict at all!

After my quick 30-minute workout, I ran back upstairs to my apartment to get ready for work. While trying to make a breakfast smoothie, my blender decided it was going to start being craptastic. Guess that’s what I get for buying a $15 blender!

Then came my first commute of the day… 1 hour to work per usual (blahhhh) and then a L-O-N-G day of work. I love my job but today was pretty crazy with lots of little things going on so I felt frazzled all day. Once the day was over, I got ready to drive another commute back home until I remembered I needed an oil change so I took a pit stop.

Worst. Decision. Ever. After having a pretty weird day, I should’ve known better than to have stopped! Anyone that knows me can tell you that I’ve had a lot of problems with my car in the past year. I love my pretty little V-dub (VW), but it’s just had a lot of problems since it’s an old, used car. I found out that I have something wrong with oil going somewhere it’s not supposed to (see how good I am with cars?! haha) so I called my dad and I’ll be bringing my car up north this weekend when I’m on my way to a bachelorette party. Thankfully I have awesome parents who let me borrow their car so I can bring my car up north for my cousin to work on it (I trust him to do it right the first time and he doesn’t charge me as much as some of the a-holes down here). It’s pretty much impossible for me not to have a car here in Milwaukee since I live way far away from work, so my parent’s/sister probably hate me share our other cars while mine is being fixed so I don’t have to take off of work.

Once I got home, I was so wound up that I immediately started unloading my day onto Alex while making a drink. He just smiled and nodded (which is about all he can do when I’m on a rampage). At least my drink is pretty cool with my high heel ice cubes so that lightened my mood a bit (or maybe it was the vodka…) ;o)

High Heel ice cubes

High Heel Ice Cubes

Dinner was tacos (ground turkey, black beans and chips with salsa) so it wasn’t overly healthy but it wasn’t overly bad either. Hopefully forcing myself to get up again tomorrow morning to workout. I’m thinking of trying a Tone It Up workout DVD in the morning since the workouts I have been doing obviously haven’t been burning enough calories!

Here’s to hoping Wednesday is a much better day! I’m definitely going to try to make it that way! I’m also going to stare at pictures of California all night tonight to perk my mood up 🙂

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