Case of the Mondays…

Well, I definitely had a case of the Mondays this week. After being sick 1/2 of Thursday and most of Friday, I wasn’t ready for a full day back at work. Luckily my job is pretty awesome so I got into the swing of things once I got there!

After a day of meetings, I went and picked up a gift card for Alex’s dad. We figured since he was so generous to take us to California a couple of weeks ago, we could get him a massage. 🙂

Once I got home, I started getting dinner ready (while eating everything else in front of my face) and decided to make this Penne Rosa dish.  I liked this dish – especially because I’m a Penne Rosa addict at Noodles & Co and it’s like 900+ calories. I think next time I’ll use a plain marinara sauce though because the kind I had on hand made it a bit too sweet.

Prep #1

Prep #1


Prep #2

Prep #2

Finished product (minus the shrimp – I don’t really like shrimpssss)

Penne Rosa

Penne Rosa

I ate two dishes of this… and then Alex ate the rest. Seriously… it’s 6 servings of food. I’m mad at myself for eating two helpings but more mad at Alex for eating 4! So much for lunch tomorrow… 😛

Unfortunately I think I ate way too much of it which made me sick (the cookie/milk didn’t help either – nor did the snacking I did on cottage cheese and a pickle while cooking…)

Now I just finished up sobbing to watching The Bachelorette. This season is seriously one of my favorites (besides Ali’s because Ali is awesome) because Emily is so genuine and it’s the first time the top three have been great people. I did read the spoilers though because I’m a loser and I have to say I’m surprised! I love both guys (and I loved Sean!!) but I really thought she’d pick this one guy…. We’ll see, maybe the spoilers are wrong!

Now I’m off to play on Pinterest and go to bed… because it’s a Monday and I don’t do anything anymore. When did life become so boring?! I want to run around foreign countries with gorgeous men like Emily does every day! (ha, just kidding … well, not about the gorgeous men part)

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to television? I have to say I get hooked on The Bachelor/ette every season and I also love any weight loss show 🙂

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