Chocolate Chip Cookies and Weight Loss… Not gonna happen!

Let’s just say after coming home from San Francisco, I haven’t been exactly “trying” when it comes to getting healthy. As in.. I pretty much have gained 7lbs back in the past month. Awful. So, naturally I made chocolate chip cookies for myself and Alex tonight! (stupid…. yes)

Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

Anyways, lets start with Thursday/Friday. I left work for a doctor appointment Thursday around lunch hour and unfortunately wasn’t able to make it back to work for the rest of the day or Friday… wasn’t expecting such pain from a procedure! Sorry to not really give details but lets just say I wasn’t feelin’ too hot.

Sick Jessie

Sick Jessie

Saturday I wandered around a mall with my friend Gina since she doesn’t have A/C in her apartment so she’s been dyin’ the past couple of days. The rest of the night was spent going to a housewarming party and then hanging out at the apartment. Woo, Saturday nights!

Today Alex and I took an impromptu trip to Illinois to IKEA to return some chairs that we bought and got the right ones.



Now, I’ve been cooking (and baking cookies) and watching tv. I made Iowa Girl Eats’ Cheeseburger Macaroni tonight and it was AWESOME! Love her recipes 🙂

Tomorrow is Monday (booooo) so off to another week of work and big girl stuff. Weekends go by way too fast!

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