Hot, Hot, Hot

What a weekend I had! I feel like I’m just now recovering. We shared an amazing moment with some friends of our for a wedding in Door County, WI. They’re the kind of couple that everyone hopes to be like – they’re so unbelievably in love! It was a great way to spend the weekend 🙂


Horrible quality photo – but it was still beautiful!

Well, Happy Independence Day! Wisconsin is seriously trying to kill us all right now. We’re currently under an “Extreme Heat Warning”. It’s 102 out where I live (west of downtown Milwaukee) and around 94 downtown. I thought Wisconsin only knew how to make deadly ice and freeziness (<– look at me makin’ up words!). Nope – apparently Wisconsin decided to try to kill us all with heat.


It’s a tad bit warm outside

I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE HEAT. Seriously, love it. I want to move where it’s warm all the time. I just hate humidity (so no Florida for me!!!) which Wisconsin is notorious for during the summer. I prefer a dryer heat.. possibly by an ocean… so basically California is what I want.

Heat doesn’t love me so much. I tend to get dehydrated very easily (because I suck at drinking water) or overheated. I won tickets to go to Summerfest downtown today but we’re waiting until the later afternoon/evening in hopes that that heat will die down a tiny bit … it probably won’t though 😉

So far today I went to see Ted at the bistro movie theater where you can eat lunch/drink. I would’ve had some martinis but I figured I should probably hydrate myself with water, not vodka.


Big Screen Bistro movie

We’re off to Summerfest in the next hour or so – BF isn’t too excited but I have free tickets only for today so we’re using them. I’m going to try to get him to detour for frozen yogurt too. Then I need to workout tonight since I’ve managed to hike my weight back up again so… yea.

Is it warm where you are? Stay cool out there!!

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