The {week}end of a fantastic trip

I’m going to try to sum up the rest of my weekend in one post! Luckily Friday and Sunday was almost all driving so I don’t have a ton of pictures. Plus, my obsession/fascination was more with San Francisco but the rest of the trip was still beautiful!

Me and that bridge again… 🙂

On Friday we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel and packed up our things. I was sad to leave but excited to head on to a new area that I’d never been to – Monterey, California!

We wanted to make a few touristy pit stops along the way so we stopped at Oracle headquarters (techy geeky stuff for Alex – something about Java… I don’t know 😉 just kidding) and then went through Facebook’s parking lot. I’m pretty sure I was the only one excited about this so we didn’t even stop :(. I would love to work for Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn someday in the far future – we’ll see ;o)

We drove past Steve Jobs’ house and then went to Stanford University. One step out of the car and I was wondering why the HELL did I go to school in Wisconsin?! Maybe it’s time to look into grad school… 🙂 I may or may not now own a Stanford University t-shirt and I’m just going to pretend I went there- ha 😛

Stanford University

After that, we stopped at Apple headquarters where Alex literally geeked out. I was a little surprised that people were paying lots of $$ for a plain shirt with an apple logo stamped on it, but to each their own I guess (I mean, I’m the girl that buys Coach purses so….)

We took the scenic route through the mountains (which was gorgeous) but then unfortunately got stuck in traffic. Once we got to Monterey, we unloaded our stuff at the hotel and headed out to an Indian dinner with Alex’s sister that lives there and a few of her friends. After that we had drinks at the hotel bar and zonked out.

Saturday consisted of breakfast and then more driving… We went up to Pfeifer Beach (I’m almost entirely sure I spelled that wrong) to see the PURPLE SAND! I don’t like purple but it was still cool 🙂 I was expecting it to be ALL purple which it wasn’t, but it was still cool.

Purple Sand

Not good at climbing up sand…

I was trying to convince myself it was purple

At the purple beach

Once that was over, we headed down to the Monterey Aquarium and then headed back to the hotel before dinner.

Mr. Turtle

Dinner was at a hibachi restaurant but I wasn’t very hungry so I had some sushi and soup (yes, right after we left an aquarium… sorry fishies…)

HOT soup


After dinner we headed back to the hotel and had a few drinks (I just had hot chocolate). I wasn’t able to sleep much at all that night though… Nerves set in about the airplane, plus the hotel rooms in Monterey had very thin walls and the beds were super uncomfortable so that didn’t help.

I woke up the next morning super nervous. Alex and I shared a belgian waffle for breakfast and then I didn’t eat when we stopped later for lunch at In N’ Out again. I was a nervous wreck during the entire flight and wasn’t happy until we we firmly on the ground in Milwaukee. I wasn’t happy to leave California, but I was happy to be off the plane.

When we got back in Milwaukee it was 8 pm Central time so I was STARVING which of course meant we ended up getting taco bell. I don’t regret it though – I’ve been trying to eat well this week to make up for the crap we ate the whole week prior though. I did gain back a few pounds, though 😦

While I hate flying, I seriously can’t wait to go back to California. I love the Midwest and definitely love Milwaukee but I seriously hope that my life leads me to living in California at some point. I just love it so much there!

Love you, California! I’ll be back soon! 🙂

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