California Withdrawal – Day 3

Oh man … I’ve definitely have the “sads” about not being in California this week. Milwaukee got SUPER hot today which is nice, but I still wish I was in Cali… So, I’ll write some more about my trip!! 🙂

So… where did we leave off? Oh yes, crashing at the hotel. Well, day 3 was spectacular but definitely not my “favorite” day of the trip (that was probably day 2). Still fantastic, though!

We started the chilly day off with breakfast at the hotel and then Alex and I separated from the group to go and explore downtown. We stopped for some hot chocolate and continued down to Market Street. Once there we wandered around in some of the shops. I also found the coolest street in America…

Don’t mind the red tinted skin – I promise I barely got any sun the whole trip. Instagram decided it’d be fun to make me look like a tomato.

Oh, hells yes – Jessie Street! No one ever spells it right the way I spell it so I was very excited.

Yes, I was THAT touristy girl stopping in the middle of everyone to take a picture of the ground.

We walked around in the mall a little bit (there was like 100 floors and I was cranky for some stupid reason…) and then decided to walk back. We got to an area I wasn’t too keen on (my gut just told me it wasn’t super safe) so we turned back around and just went back to the hotel. Better safe than sorry! Also, I’m a worry-wart and it drives Alex crazy. 

Why don’t Milwaukee malls have cool architecture like this?

After walking forever, Alex decided it would be fun to climb all the way up California street to Nob Hill. Seeings I was already crabby, I was totally not happy about this idea (read: I was being a b****). After scowling my way up the hill like a crazy person, we got to the top and sat at a bench in a park. A golden retriever immediately ran over by me and all my crabbiness melted away – seriously. It’s amazing the affect animals have on me.

I decided it was time for lunch (and a break from walking!) so Alex found a cute little cafe (The Nob Hill Cafe) right down the road. It was AWESOME and I wish I remembered our waitress’ name because she was awesome-ER (yes, that’s a word). She had an accent too which made me like her immediately. Alex and I shared pesto garlic bread (YUM!) and spicy pasta. It was the best thing I ate the entire time in California this time (when we went to LA three years ago it was clam chowder but that’s a whole other story…).

Nob Hill Cafe

This was seriously awesome – Pesto Garlic Bread

Yum! I practically licked my bowl.

After lunch and some puppy therapy, Alex and I made our way back down the hill (WAY EASIER) to the hotel to meet up with his family. We then headed off to a car museum (of sorts). I took tons of pictures there to show my dad, but I’ll spare you and only show you a couple. I’m not a huge fan of cars and don’t have the patience attention span to stare at them all day, but it was actually really cool to see the collection!

This is the coolest lookin’ thing…

After that, we headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf to grab some cheap North Face windbreakers (it was seriously so cold – especially by the water!) and then shopped around on some random streets for awhile. We had a cupcake break and then went back to the hotel.

I seriously gained so much weight on this trip… and I blame this cupcake! 🙂

A couple hours later we walked a few blocks to a restaurant but then found out the wait was outrageous so we took a cab BACK to Fisherman’s Wharf again for some seafood. I honestly don’t even remember the name of the restaurant and it wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was still good. Alex and I grabbed a few touristy items for my family and then headed back to the hotel.

After that, we went with one of his sister’s to view the bridge AGAIN but this time at night. The city and bridge were GORGEOUS at night, but unfortunately neither my sister’s camera nor my iPhone was havin’ any of that night photography stuff. Oh well – at least I got to see it 🙂

Phew – I just can’t keep these blog posts short! I hope you’re enjoying my trip posts so far 🙂 I think if I string out these trip posts as long as possible I can still pretend I’m in California… at least that’s what I’m going for!

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