I left my heart in California

Well, I did very well documenting my first day in San Francisco and then didn’t do the rest of the week – sorry about that! Bad new blogger 😦

Tuesday (Day 2 of the trip – first full day there!) started with driving to the Haight Ashbury area where we had breakfast at the Squat and Gobble restaurant. This. Was. Awesome. I had a Fiesta Omelet and only was able to eat half of it but it kept me full until dinner time! I guess the black beans and HUGE chunks of avocado will do that for you 😉

Random Tourist Picture

Squat & Gobble – what a name!

I don’t like omelets … but this was spectacular!

I will say one thing – I was not super impressed with the Haight Ashbury area. It was pretty dirty, but it was still a fun place to say I’d been. Plus, I got to take some pictures of the pretty houses 🙂

After we dragged convinced Alex’s sisters and dad to leave, we headed straight back to Golden Gate. I don’t quite understand my infatuation with the bridge, but I could have stayed there all day. Here are quite a few pictures of the bridge from multiple angles. A few include my ridiculously excited face in them ;o)

Me being as happy as can be 🙂




After a few more hours of fun bridge time, they dragged me kicking and screaming we left for Lombard Street (AKA the crookedest street) – another tourist trap that I insisted on seeing. This street was AWESOME! The houses on it were beautiful and the ride down it was fun.

Lombard Street!

Then it was off to Fisherman’s Wharf for some quick shopping (we got out of there really quick since it was FULL of tourists and there was a fire nearby) and then headed back to the hotel –> side note: The Omni Hotel in SF is AWESOME – definitely recommend it. We then walked to the Italian area in North Beach for a great meal at the North Beach Restaurant. I had a mushroom pasta dish that was really good, but Alex’s lasagna was way better!

Hellllllloooooo carbs! ❤

Alex’s sisters and dad were tired out so they left to go back to the hotel while Alex and I roamed around the area. Let me tell you one thing – those hills are KILLER! I had some serious DOMS the next day but it was totally worth it. No wonder people in that city are so fit!

This wasn’t even close to the steepest one we climbed…

After wandering around for awhile, we headed back to the hotel with all intentions to hit the town for some drinks but once we reached the room, exhaustion took the best of us. We headed down to Alex’s dad’s room for some room service ice cream. No pics but SERIOUSLY – chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Alex made me share and I was not havin’ it. All mine 🙂 After that, we called it a night.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my next post! I didn’t want these to get too long where no one would be interested in reading them ;o)

Tell me … where is the best place you’ve ever traveled? Where’s your “dream destination”? There’s definitely a lot of places on my list (S.F. being one of them!) but I’d have to say my #1 place to visit is Ireland. That should be fun with my fear of planes… 🙂

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