2012 San Francisco Trip – Day 1

Today was a great day – I FINALLY got to visit San Francisco, California with Alex and his family. I’m in love with this city! πŸ™‚

The day started off early with a flight leaving MKE around 9:30 am. It doesn’t help that I’m absolutely terrified of flying. I was so scared that I cried the first few minutes of the flight and had to breathe my way out of a panic attack. I hate how scared I feel but I just can’t seem to control it!

I tried to soothe my in-flight terror with some light reading. I couldn’t finish the whole book since they started going into gruesome details of how animals are slaughtered so we can eat them.

Skinny Bitch Inflight Reading

This didn’t help my crazy phobia much…

4 hours, 2o minutes (ish) later, we arrived safely in San Francisco. After a little running around at the airport, we all had one thing on the brain – In N Out Burger!

In N Out Burger

They need to put one of these in Wisconsin

Once we were all fueled up, we set off on a scenic route to get into downtown San Francisco where the hotel is. The next few pictures are all of the Golden Gate bridge but I’m absolutely in love with this stunning bridge. Love it! πŸ™‚

Golden Gate Bridge 1

Favorite picture thus far – thank you, Instagram!Golden Gate Bridge 2Golden Gate Bridge 3

Golden Gate 4

Once we got to the hotel, we relaxed a bit before heading out for Chinese food and wandering around Chinatown!

Hotel in SF

Alex relaxing a bit

hotel SF
Chandeliers in the lobby

Chinese Food
Broccoli Chicken for dinner!

Chinatown via Instagram

Streets of San Fran

Streets of San Francisco

Afterwards, Alex and I wandered to a frozen yogurt place only to find out it was closed so we ordered a brownie sundae from the hotel instead πŸ™‚ Gotta get ready for tomorrow! (FYI don’t mind the bad coloring/whatever of this post. For some reason wordpress went haywire after I added all the pictures but I don’t have time to re-do them all!)

Has anyone else been in San Francisco? I love it here!

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7 Responses to 2012 San Francisco Trip – Day 1

  1. April says:

    Beautiful pictures

  2. Glad you like SF! Since I’ve lived here so long, I don’t always appreciate it enough and reading posts like this help me to remember how great I have it!

    • Jessie says:

      It truly is great! Next time I think I’ll go there by myself or just my boyfriend so we’re able to see everything we want to see but it was still fun! I’m hoping to get some more posts up this week about the other things I did! πŸ™‚ Hopefully one day I’ll live in California – I love it there!

  3. Katie says:

    Thank you Jessie for the rec’s! I love it all. Your pictures have me so excited!

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