Monday, Monday…

Well, long time no see blog! 

I’ve had a crazy month since the last time I posted. I accepted and started a new position as an Account Coordinator for a creative company in downtown Milwaukee and also signed a lease for an apartment outside the city. My commute is going to be pretty crappy BUT I’ll be working at a company I love and coming home to an apartment I will (hopefully!) love so it’ll all be worth it 🙂

I’ve currently been at my new job for 4 days and I’m truly loving it but I’m exhausted with all the new information I’m trying to absorb. I also decided I need to start working out before work since if I wait until after work, it usually (read: never) happens! I’m proud of myself for getting up this morning and working out even for a half hour but my body is super tired since I couldn’t sleep last night for some reason.

1 more month until I move into my new apartment with the BF – woohoo! I honestly cannot live in these current conditions much longer – it’s driving me crazy. Yes, I’m grateful that my boyfriend and his roommates let me live here until we got a new place, but staying in the SAME room with my boyfriend with less than 1/3 of my stuff is driving me nuts. I notice that I’m easily agitated because I’m feeling cramped and uncomfortable so hopefully this next month goes by quickly!

Random sidenote – I feel like I’m in the “calm before the storm”. Basically, this first half of the year is my time to breathe and the second half will be kicking my butt. We have 6 weddings between June and November (4 of which being within 1-2 weeks of each other in October/November). Seriously, this list is crazy.


  • Sister’s graduation 
  • Friend from preschool-now is moving to South Carolina… 😦


  • Moving first weekend
  • Sister’s high schoolgraduation party
  • Possible California trip? TBD
  • 1st wedding of the year


  • Family reunion (Huge family – over 100 family members) in July
  • Not much in August
  • 2nd wedding in September


  • Weddings number 3, 4 and 5


  • Wedding number 6 (which Alex and I are both in the wedding party)

Well, I’m sure that’s more information than you ever needed but it’s craziness! I’m hoping to truly put my heart and soul into the blog, too!

Here’s to Monday being almost over! 🙂

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