It’s been awhile…

Ah! I’m an awful new blogger 😦 Here I am trying to start a blog and then I don’t even write in it for over a week… 

Well, I guess my excuse is that I’ve been super stressed out with a few things that I can’t discuss on here so instead of writing a boring post, I just didn’t write at all! I hate not being able to talk about things on my mind, but it’s definitely not the time or the place right now! 

One good thing that’s happened is that I lost almost 4 lbs. last week! A lot of that was weight that I kept putting on from eating like crap for a couple of weeks but I’m hoping I got that out of me (minus the chocolate shake after dinner… I hate living with boys with great metabolisms!).

I’m working out with my trainer again tomorrow night and then have to fork over some more money to keep going to her. She’s great – I just hate paying so much for a half hour of time! What I really need to do is get a new gym membership since my gym is soooooo nasty. All of the equipment is old or doesn’t work, and I feel kind of out of place there. It’s only $19/month though, so on my budget it’s all I can afford right now. We’ll see though – I may need to start thinking about investing in some at-home gym equipment or just biting the bullet and signing up at a better gym!

Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a great day! I promise I’ll try to write a bit more (with more pictures) 🙂

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