Sunday Shepard’s Pie

What a long day!

I got up this morning and went directly to the gym after eating a quick breakfast. I’ve come to realize that if I sit around even for just a little bit on the weekends, I’ll find an excuse not to leave the comfort of the couch.

After a quick sweat session, I spent my morning trying to find something to do with myself. I find that I’m looking for some sort of mental stimulation on the weekends but I can never figure out what to do with myself that doesn’t involve spending $$. After hours of staring at my computer, watching part of a movie I’ve seen 100 times and watching the boys play video games, I ended up going to check out Costco with Alex (boyfriend!) and one of our other roommates. I’ve never been but have been contemplating a membership and wanted to check it out. After that, Alex and I went to get some grocery/regular shopping done at Target the money pit that steals all of my money (SERIOUSLY – I always spend at LEAST $30 there). Then we stopped quick at another grocery store to pick up a few other things.

Once we got back to the apartment, I started putting together the Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie from Janetha’s blog. Alex helped me with the chopping of the sweet potatoes and onions (I can’t chop an onion without crying my eyes off). We loved it! Here’s a picture of it below but please don’t mind the bad iPhone quality photos – I’m still learning!

Sweet Potato Shepard's Pie

Alex also made me a bloody mary while we waited for the shepard’s pie to bake. He added a little bit of Lawry’s salt and it was AMAZING! I may or may not have had more than one… whoops!

Yummy bloody mary Alex made me 🙂

Now I’m off to watch a little bit more TV before getting ready for bed. I’m going to try really hard to force myself to get up for a workout tomorrow. I hate waking up early, but by the end of the work day I really don’t want to have to go to the gym if I don’t have to. Hopefully someday I’ll find a way to love exercise but I just can’t seem to love hopping on the elliptical or the treadmill. Gotta do it though – especially since I gained about 1.5 lbs back this past week from eating a bunch of crap (i.e. Buffalo Wild Wings, Rocky Rococo’s, sushi, Chipotle…). I’ve been doing better at eating out at restaurants but I definitely fell back into the hole this past week.

Have a great week!

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One Response to Sunday Shepard’s Pie

  1. janetha says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Mmmm.. I need a Bloody Mary in my life sometime soon. Good luck waking up!!

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