Starting my blog FINALLY!

I’m so excited to finally be starting this blog! I’ve been putting it off lately since I wasn’t quite sure what all I’d like to write about, but I think there’s no time like the present!

With weight loss and getting healthy being a high priority in my life right now, I’m hoping this blog will help me track my new lifestyle. I’ve come to find out that it’s very difficult to change your lifestyle and I often slip up (for example: the BWW fried pickles and wings I had tonight probably aren’t helpin’ that 20-30 lbs I’d like to lose!). I definitely feel like I need to run around the apartment complex about 4,500 times to burn off some of the crap I just put into my body! I always forget how awful it makes me feel after I eat it – I only seem to remember how good it tastes going in!!

On another note, I went to look at apartments today with my future roommate. The apartment we’ve been hoping to look at turned out to be a pretty crappy situation since I’ve had to contact them 6 times in order for them to set up and appointment and then they DIDN’T SHOW UP when we got there today. Bad. Impression. We did find a different apartment today that we were able to squeeze in an appointment at that we love! But since we can’t move out until June or July, I should probably lay off the apartment search for awhile 🙂

Well, back to my oh-so-exciting Saturday night of watching a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family (you’re jealous, I’m sure). Hopefully I can make a few tweaks to the blog as well so it can be up and running soon! I sure hope I get some readers – it’ll be fun to interact with others!

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